Not Contributing to Logistics Job Growth. Sorry (Not Sorry!)

Wall Street Journal reports that logistics hiring contributes a robust 10% to the October 2018 U.S. job growth figures.  “Hiring in transportation and warehousing sector soars” says WSJ “adding 24,800 jobs.  UltraShipTMS apologizes for not helping to contribute to employment growth in the field we serve.  It’s not that we don’t want to contribute.   Rather we prefer to contribute in ways that grow our customers’ bottom line.  Here’s why we’re sorry, but not sorry.

  • Spot Quote Automation saved these customers $250,000 in two weeks!
  • Best in class shippers comfortably move 250,000 loads annually with only 5 traffic planners
  • Automation reduces the workload in freight settlement discrepancies by 80%

Not to be contrary, but UltraShipTMS is proud to have helped high volume shippers avoid adding headcount to their payroll and they’ve done an exemplary job of not contributing to the hiring trend.  Don’t get us wrong, we’re all in favor of hard work and full employment, but we’re also very much in favor of working smarter and maximizing efforts and profits.  Companies using enterprise supply chain logistics software save not just on logistics costs, but also on unnecessary headcount.  Here’s how!

In short, leveraging the power of cloud TMS solutions, transportation logistic departments can achieve much more efficiency and spend control and they can do it with fewer people.  Compared to the time consuming and error prone methods inherent in using manual processes to plan, execute, track, settle and monitor transportation activities – spreadsheets, emails, phone calls, etc. – a cloud TMS platform represents a truly superior strategy for success.  A few examples follow.

Automation of Spot Market Activity
Here’s an area where a lot of time and money is squandered.  Reallocate the forces you’ve been applying to managing spot quotes in today’s tight capacity environment.  With spot quote automation tech from UltraShip, it takes one person mere minutes to distribute request for spot bids using the power of the reverse auction to ensure you’ll pay at or near true market rates for expedited movements.  The money a shipper can save automating spot market activity comes from robust rate reductions as well as minimized man-hours dedicated to the process – and often pays for the entire cost of the TMS solution.   Read how these customers saved $250,000 in just two weeks!

Tendering Automation & Carrier Selection
Best-in-class shippers using UltraShipTMS to automate tendering and carrier management processes are typically quite comfortable moving 250,000 loads annually with only 5 traffic planners.   The centralizing and automating of carrier selection/management and tendering, reduces staff effort needed to manage this process by, on average, a shocking 80%!   Many other time consuming tasks/processes are also either reduced or eliminated through TMS automation.  For example, watch this 90 second video demonstrating how simple user interfaces and intuitive design in automation make rate management in UltraShipTMS a quick and error-free process.

Automation of Exception Management in Settlement
How many people on your team spend how many hours every month managing exceptions in freight billing when invoices arrive?  Did you know the vast majority of the exceptions arise from simple, minor assessorial charges and other small, line items?  Did you know that by automating exception management UltraShipTMS users touch less than 19% of invoices?  This short video illustrates how a TMS solution from UltraShipTMS automates exception management in freight payment to eliminate hundreds of man hours formerly wasted matching and validating minor discrepancies in invoices.

There are dozens more ways a logistics management software platform like UltraShipTMS helps keep your headcount low.  The money saved on headcount in supply chain management can then be applied to things like driver pay for example, helping shippers overcome capacity challenges.