About Ultra

Transportation Management Software History

The Origins of Ultra Intelligent TMS Software Solutions

UltraShipTMS™ is borne of deep transportation industry roots, conceived and founded by a veteran team of transportation executives. In 2001, the founders identified a pressing need for a configurable transportation software package to deliver shippers a quick return on their investment.

Great Grandpa Truck

“Papa” Joe Carretta, the great grandfather of Ultra President, Nicholas Carretta, circa 1940.

While competitors focused on dedicated on-site solutions that employed traditional licensing and support, the Ultra team was on a mission to develop a hosted solution to leverage all the efficiencies inherent in a web-based technology. The goal was to develop easy to implement and use software with very modest capital investment requirements; especially in such areas as hardware/software licensing, expensive maintenance contracts and costly upgrades.

Every member of the UltraShipTMS technology team brought their extensive, real-world career experience in the transportation and logistics field to developing superior transportation management software. Decades of hard-earned experience – in all modes of transportation and logistics – inform the design,Carretta Coal and Fuel Oil 2implementation and ongoing innovation of all the products and services offered.

Not assembled through mergers, acquisitions or built by huge, diversified software companies lacking focused domain expertise, UltraShipTMS and Load Fusion are recognized by the industry and trade organizations as the most responsive and functionally superior tools available in the market.