LoadFusion Optimizer

LoadFusion Optimizer

This web-based tool delivers an attractive, easy-to-use interface for viewing and comparing routes, schedules and loading
models in seconds.

Make the most strategic, cost-effective and efficient transportation decisions without guesswork with functionality including:


LoadFusion Optimizer – 2013 Transportation Product of the Year – is renowned for amplifying the cost savings and efficiency improvements delivered by the use of TMS solutions.

Leveraging the visibility afforded by TMS automation of logistics and transportation, LoadFusion’s proprietary algorithm arrives at the most efficient loading and best routes for freight movements.

With LoadFusion Optimizer supply chain planners will:

  • Improve loading/utilization efficiency to move more freight with less equipment.
  • Design the most efficient routes to minimize empty miles and reduce overall fuel costs .
  • Easily adapt to last minute orders and other disruptions like regulatory changes, market changes, peak seasonality, etc.
  • Increase lead time for improved on-time delivery.
  • Identify backhaul opportunities and generate continuous moves.
  • Gain visibility into delivery scheduling to reduce dwell times.
  • Better enforce business rules, codifying tribal knowledge for consistent application.


  • Order Consolidation
  • LTL Consolidation
  • Pickup/Delivery Scheduling
  • Fleet/Equipment Optimization (1)
  • Driver/Route Optimization (1)
  • Multiple Shipping Profiles
  • Multiple Fleet Profiles
  • Sandbox/Modeler
  • Compare Results

Optimizer Rating

  • TL Rating Mgt.
  • LTL Rate Tables & Discounts
  • Parcel Rating
  • Fuel Surcharge Mgt.


  • TL
  • LTL
  • Parcel

Optimizer Functions

  • LTL Consolidation
  • Pickup/Delivery Optimization
  • Multiple Shipping Profiles
  • Manifest Generation
  • (1) Requires Ultra Private Fleet Module

The LoadFusion Optimizer is a proven technology that has earned national recognition for its superiority in the field. With a beautiful interface earning wide acclaim from the installed base of users, no other freight/route optimization tools are nearly as easy and intuitive to use.

LoadFusion Optimizer is the only such tool to deliver a “Location Hours” visualization that shows load planners where each shipment is projected to arrive in relation to every location’s available delivery hours. This useful innovation dramatically reduces dwell times or deliveries arriving after scheduled windows.

With dual environments included in the subscription fee, users can engage in strategic supply chain “sandbox” modeling without disrupting orders already loaded into TMS. This feature also permits tactical routing in real-time for daily execution.