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“Free Trials” Aren’t Really Free

When was the last time you took a free trial and found that the solution
did everything you wanted right out of the box?

The reality:

  • You’ll need personalized training
  • You’ll need internal staff to manage the trial
  • You’ll have to set up permissions, groups
  • You’ll need to build templates
  • After all that, you’ll need to train your staff

Sound free yet?

Don’t waste time with free trials.

We deliver 100% guaranteed, low-risk pilot programs

Request a demo and let us show you how we guarantee successful
TMS implementations while saving as much as $130,000 in the first year


Professional Services Included in Subscription Pricing for EVERY Program

  • Dedicated Implementation Team
  • Weekly business review calls to keep tasks on track
  • Access to Transportation Logistics Experts & Best Practices for TMS Use
  • Guidance on using Reporting and Analytics to Leverage System Data
  • Administrative Support for vendor onboarding, user permissions, other configuration tasks

                                Estimated Annual Value: $20,000

Dedicated US-Based Phone Support Included included for EVERY Program

  • No Chat Windows or Offshore Call Centers
  • Dedicated Support Representatives You’ll Know by Name

                                Estimated Annual Value: $12,000



No-Cost Implementation

We’re so confident in our integration and implementation methodology we’ll absorb
the cost to qualified customers.

                                 Estimated Average Value: $80,000



No Pay ‘til You’re On Your Way

UltraShipTMS won’t send you the first monthly invoice for your subscription until your
TMS has gone live.

                                 Estimated Average Value: $6000 to $18,000


Total Year-One Savings: $130,000

Don’t waste time spinning wheels with free trials that go nowhere.  Complete the demo request form to the right and see how UltraShipTMS  delivers all the features, functionality support and assistance you need to get the most from your investment in the shortest period of time.