Industries Served

UltraShipTMS is a best-of-breed solution for high volume shippers with operations across North America. The UltraShipTMS platform is robust and flexible enough to address any and all complex transportation logistics challenges. UltraShipTMS has a well established footprint in the following industries.

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UltraShipTMS Modules

Engage the UltraShipTMS CORE and then add any or all these modules as needed. Each module and the CORE itself is highly configurable, ensuring solutions perfectly aligned with any transportation logistics requirements.

Driving Value Beyond the Ordinary TMS

UltraShipTMS drives exceptional value in supply chain management by making logistics IT solutions easy to implement, integrate, scale and maintain.


UltraShipTMS has earned the recognition and accolades of industry media, consultants and awards organizations; year after year.

Supply Chain Collaborator Blog

The Supply Chain Collaborator is a 2017 American Business Award-winning publication connecting logistics thought leaders with the most current, relevant ideas from the industry’s best minds.

TMS for Food Shippers

Why TMS Solutions Becoming “Must Have” for Food Shippers

“High freight, fuel and labor costs are forcing food distributors to streamline their businesses,” begins the recent article in the Wall Street Journal.   The piece revealed a rise in operating expenses of 6% at world’s largest food distributor, Sysco Foods and a boost of 2% at US Foods.   Read on…

Top 3 Reasons to Implement TMS Solution in 2019

Top 3 Reasons to Deploy TMS Solutions in 2019

There are three absolutely critical reasons to finally implement a new logistics IT solution (or to replace the inferior one you already have) in 2019.   Whether your organization would benefit most from a TMS, a powerful optimizer, fleet management tools, freight settlement solutions, advanced dock-door scheduling tools or even a…

Not contributing to logistics job growth

Not Contributing to Logistics Job Growth. Sorry (Not Sorry!)

Wall Street Journal reports that logistics hiring contributes a robust 10% to the October 2018 U.S. job growth figures.  “Hiring in transportation and warehousing sector soars” says WSJ “adding 24,800 jobs.  UltraShipTMS apologizes for not helping to contribute to employment growth in the field we serve.  It’s not that we…

Fable of the Ant and Cicada Applied to Shippers and TMS Planning

Fable of the Ant and Cicada Applied to Shippers and TMS Planning

We’re no market gurus, but we do know transportation logistics and good, old fashioned common sense.  Here’s our take on the state of the global economy and why a tried and true piece of commonsense lore suggests now is the time to move on implementing a new TMS and associated…