Industries Served

UltraShipTMS is a best-of-breed solution for high volume shippers with operations across North America. The UltraShipTMS platform is robust and flexible enough to address any and all complex transportation logistics challenges. UltraShipTMS has a well established footprint in the following industries.

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UltraShipTMS Modules

Engage the UltraShipTMS CORE and then add any or all these modules as needed. Each module and the CORE itself is highly configurable, ensuring solutions perfectly aligned with any transportation logistics requirements.

Driving Value Beyond the Ordinary TMS

UltraShipTMS drives exceptional value in supply chain management by making logistics IT solutions easy to implement, integrate, scale and maintain.


UltraShipTMS has earned the recognition and accolades of industry media, consultants and awards organizations; year after year.

Supply Chain Collaborator Blog

The Supply Chain Collaborator is a 2017 American Business Award-winning publication connecting logistics thought leaders with the most current, relevant ideas from the industry’s best minds.

Many paths to TMS implementation

Different Pathways to Achieving Successful TMS Implementation

These days, there are so many TMS solution options it is almost easier to choose the wrong one than the right one.  Here are three steps you can take to help determine how to engage the right solution for your organization and avoid wasting time and money deploying TMS tools…

Managing Change – Adopting TMS, Supply Chain Tech Projects

As recently as ten years ago, transportation leaders viewed cloud-based logistics automation technology with great skepticism; even outright ambivalence.  Today, there is no longer any question about the viability and value of adopting TMS.  Bringing users around to embracing emerging tech can be accomplished through well-conceived change management methods. 

Blockchain and TMS

Ready or Not, Blockchain Is Coming to Supply Chains

Everyone’s talking about the potential and promise of blockchain and other bleeding edge tech tools for “supply chain digitization”.  Yet, many logistics and transportation pros are asking why, in practical terms, they should explore and embrace blockchain technologies ahead of more pressing and less esoteric logistics IT initiatives.  Supply chain…

Cost of TMS

Unrealistic Total Cost of TMS Ownership Perceptions Often Impact ROI

Everyone loves a bargain.  When it comes to cloud TMS software, there’s no shortage of attractively priced solutions offerings from providers large and small, young and old.  However, just because a provider offers attractively low subscription fees, it doesn’t mean a shipper is getting the best deal.  Sadly, many shippers…