UltraShipTMS™ delivers intelligent solutions for supply chain management. Offering Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) since 2001, Fortune 1000 clients representing a wide variety of industries have succeeded in capturing significant costs and driving remarkable efficiencies across their supply chains using the most flexible and actively supported solution on the market.
An intuitive, easy to learn software – you’ll be operating quickly, smoothly and effectively after just a few hours. 
System Features Include:
OrderMgmtIcon Order Management: Easily enter Truckload, LTL, and Air Freight shipments using a simple web-based platform. SpotQuotesIcon Spot Quotes: Proactively monitors exception loads 24/7 and notifies carriers of requirements.
TenderingIcon Tendering: Submit loads to lowest cost carriers, or offer them based on rules you create. ReportingIcon Reporting: Gives you unparalleled visibility to your entire supply chain.
SchedulingIcon Scheduling: Real-time notification of available loading bays, hours of operation, and loading times. CarrierSettlementIcon Carrier Settlement: Ability to create and submit invoices electronically for payment. Carriers can check status online.