Sneak Preview: Ultra’s New Carrier Mobile App

Life is about to get a lot easier for carriers serving shippers who use UltraShipTMS.  In this exclusive sneak preview, the Supply Chain Collaborator takes a look at leaked images of Ultra’s new carrier check call mobile app which isn’t scheduled for release for another few weeks.  Follow over the fold for an advance view of the new app (in testing now) and some information about what it will deliver.

Find shipment
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shipment actions
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First off, the new app is reported to work on any web-enabled mobile device – iPhones, iPads and Android phones.  Imagine how easy it will be for carriers, dispatchers, transportation managers and drivers to view detailed shipment information, make arrival and departure confirmations in real time and share in-transit updates reporting on estimated arrival times or delays.  confirm arrival

The new app allows drivers to find shipments on the fly or make accurate stop confirmations without having to log into the TMS or bother dispatchers to access the required information.  They can look up shipments quickly and easily – by SCAC code, order number or pickup date.  Drivers can also use the app to easily log stop confirmations and make in-transit updates using real-time GPS data overlaid atop map graphics.   Other functions for driver convenience include easily selected late codes and a capture mechanism for trailer information.

All the forms in the new app are designed for mobile devices delivering a satisfying user experience and ensuring data is properly validated against the actual shipment, reducing the mal-effects of bad data.  Overall, this exciting new advance will streamline the touch points between drivers, carrier management and transportation planners, reducing human error and saving time and money.  The app is set to be released for Summer 2014.

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