UltraShipTMS Launches Yard Management System Solution

New YMS Module Added to Award-Winning Logistics Solution for High Volume Shippers

Tuesday, November 4, 2014 – Fair Lawn, NJUltraShipTMS rolls out UltraYMS, the latest addition to its acclaimed transportation management system (TMS) platform.  The new Yard Management System (YMS) module helps supply chain managers keep track of tractors and trailers (and the freight they may contain) entering, dwelling and exiting their freight yards, warehouses and distribution centers.   The YMS has already been adopted and is in early-stage implementation by an existing Ultra client, a leading North American protein producer.

The new YMS tool effectively eliminates gaps in supply chain visibility that exist between the TMS solutions shippers use to plan and monitor in- and outbound shipments, and the WMS (warehouse management systems) used to track freight inside warehouses and DCs.  This visibility helps supply chain managers reduce the amount of time spent on yard inventory management, providing visibility into counts of loaded trailers, empty trailers, available tractors and their respective maintenance statuses.

YMS is also vital to freight yard security and resource management.  UltraYMS delivers intelligent gate management, enabling security to log all vehicles entering and exiting the yard using any mobile device.  It even permits gate security personnel to log photos of product and equipment condition upon yard entry and/or exit.  Yard jockeys, the drivers tasked with situating trailers at docks for loading and unloading, are provided efficient, automated instructions for equipment placement correlated to shipping and receiving appointments generated by the TMS.

UltraYMS integrates with the UltraShipTMS suite of cloud-based logistics tools and can also be engaged as standalone software for shippers using other TMS solutions.

Director of Marketing at Ultra, Anthony Vitiello touted the new release explaining, “There are significant efficiencies to be captured by exerting greater control over the activities in the freight yard for organizations moving tens to hundreds of thousands of shipments each year.  Wringing time and cost savings from the supply chain is the name of the game and our award-winning team of engineers has delivered a robust tool to do just that.  We’re looking forward to widespread adoption among our installed user base as well as new client acquisitions.”

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