Dip a Toe in TMS – Engage UltraShipTMS for “Expedite Only” Pilot

TMS Success Tip

Making the decision to engage a new TMS platform is a heavy lift requiring buy-in and sign-off from numerous internal stakeholders beyond the logistics department (Legal, Procurement, IT, C-suite, etc.).

Learn How to: Avoid the struggle of gaining capital approval for a full-blown TMS implementation.  Instead, consider dipping a toe into the water by starting with an “expedite only” pilot program to automate ONLY your expedited/spot market freight movements.

Learn How UltraShipTMS can set you up with our Spot Quote Automation Solution and you’ll only pay for shipments tendered to the spot market through the tool.  You control the spend and usage! The cost is so low you likely won’t need to even involve stakeholders outside of logistics, and the savings will provide ROI data you can use to prove the concept for a full-scale TMS implementation.

Some UltraShipTMS customers started with an Expedite-Only Pilot that ultimately yielded enough to cover the cost of deploying the whole platform!

Learn how quickly and easily we can set up this tool for your organization.

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