Select TMS With an Eye on the Future

Been reading about Blockchain for the Supply Chain?  Machine Learning for demand planning and efficient transportation routing?  Artificial intelligence (AI) and lights out supply chain management?  Chances are, your supply chain logistics operations are not quite ready to embrace these cutting-edge technology-fueled strategies.  But that shouldn’t prevent you from at least considering tomorrow’s tech when you’re selecting a TMS platform today.

Its worth remembering that the SaaS or cloud-based TMS platforms in widespread use by organizations of all sizes today were once regarded as experimental and only embraced by the largest players with the budgets to invest in untested, emerging tech.  Accordingly, Blockchain, AI, and other emerging tech is already being incorporated by the biggest supply chains in the world today.  That means that within the next few years, these tools will be proven and trickling down into the broader market.

This is why it is important, when choosing a TMS provider today, that you look for a provider that keeps focused on where the industry is heading.   Seek a provider building out technical architecture that will be ready to embrace and support the next generation of technology processes and practice.  Look for TMS platforms that advertise readiness to support supply chain digitization.  Ones built with open API infrastructure and utilize leading web services.

Schedule a consultative call today with TMS experts knowledgeable about the future of supply chain management and who can help you develop the right questions to ask when you go to market for a new TMS.