Announcing UltraShipTMS Version 5.19 – Focusing on Expanded Internationalization, Enhanced Fleet Management and Ongoing Usability Improvements

The “New Release Report” details the latest updates and enhancements to features and functionality within the UltraShipTMS platform. Version 5.19 is characterized by significant innovations and improvements to international logistics management functionality and more robust fleet management capabilities as well as other iterative advances to existing product design and features.

New Features/Enhancements


Expanded International Locations
Increased support of international localization enables delivery of TMS and LoadFusion Optimizer to more countries with multi-language and multi-currency support

All Modules Support Multi-Language
All module databases now equipped with Multi-Language support including worldwide language character storage and display for Asian alphabets and other non-Latin/Roman character alphabets



Samsara Telematics Integration
Adding to the existing telematics integrations like Omnitracs and Peoplenet, this latest telematics integration point provides additional connectivity for fleet utilization

Additional EDI Options
Now integrated with Manhattan to deliver X12 EDI data sets

Improved Asset Management
Multi-line tractor importer added to Tractor Data Management page improves asset management capability



Improved Process Automation
Focused upgrades for unused log storage reduce disk space and improve speed of lookups

TMS Document Storage Enhancements
All documents uploaded into TMS are now hosted in AWS for quicker restore times

External Links Enabled in Menus
All system menus are now enabled to allow links to external websites where customer connectivity to third party sites is required making for easier utilization of integrations

Appointment & Scheduling

Enhanced color coding added to scheduling functions to highlight missing appointments and/or missing pickup/deliver location hours of operation

Advance Schedule enhancement adds a new system settings that allows the “pick and drop appointments” to be retained even after a carrier is revoked

Shipment Details
Shipment details page modules are now configurable to expand or collapse according to user preference


UltraShipTMS Core Module

LTL Transit Times and Carrier Service Details
Updated integration with newest SMC3 Carrier Connect (XL v3.0) for more accurate LTL transit time and LTL carrier service detail visibility in TMS

Rating API Connection to Customer ERP
This new API call allows credentialed users such as customer sales and others to obtain rates by direct request via an API call outside of the TMS Rate Management page which is useful in presenting price quotes including estimated freight costs before shipments are booked/tendered in TMS

Procurement Enhancements
New Procurement functionality allows the publishing single and multiple rates accepted by carrier.  A new RFP Bidding module provides a platform for carriers to bid on spot quote lanes that the customer can then publish for bidding


New Reports Added to Reporting Suite
A new Auto Accept vs Manual Accept Invoicing Report provides view into automation levels in tendering activities. Also, latest refinements to Spot Quote Lost Savings Report adds “lowest cost bid carrier name” column

BI and Analytics
Application of “Elastic Search” augments search and analytics solutions in use by customer operations, providing access and data storage to facilitate the utilization of BA/BI tools to leverage logistics data in broader operational analyses. The new Elastic Search allows customers to directly tap into their shipment data for their custom reporting