UltraShipTMS, Snowflake and Staying Ahead of Supply Chain Tech Trends

It was with great admiration and a touch of satisfaction that development leadership within UltraShipTMS watched the record-setting IPO of cloud-based analytic data warehousing startup, Snowflake last month.  Admiration at how Snowflake succeeded by anticipating and meeting the mushrooming need of businesses seeking to leverage the data stored in their enterprise information systems to feed AI and other Big Data programs.  Satisfaction because UltraShip’s top developers had acted with great foresight by selecting Snowflake more than a year ago to deliver data warehousing, analytics and digital supply chain management functionality to the enterprise-level shippers using UltraShipTMS for supply chain logistics automation and management.

“Part of being a ‘digitization-ready’ supply chain management software provider is being equipped and ready to integrate with any and all applications a customer may use (or be planning to use) in their SCM tech stack” said Anthony Vitiello, VP of Sales & Marketing for UltraShipTMS.  Vitiello continued, “As a TMS solution provider, this means assuming an agnostic posture when it comes to supporting external technologies that can be connected to the TMS application.”  It also means being able to support whatever type of technology a shipping organization wishes to deploy as part of its overarching tech strategy.

The UltraShipTMS platform is built with open APIs that support the easy integration of transportation logistics-related tech from multiple external vendors, even those within the same segment.  For example, shipper customers may have a preference for a particular visibility tool like FourKites, Macropoint or Project44.  UltraShipTMS offers integrations with any of these (and others) and will accommodate the use of any external application in accordance with the shippers’ preference.

Similarly, UltraShip offers telematics integrations with an array of providers depending on the customer’s preference – Omnitracs, PeopleNet, Samsara and others.  Again. The shipper is permitted the ultimate flexibility in constructing the supply chain management tech stack best suited to their business requirements. UltraShipTMS provides digital connectivity to support the shipper’s software choices and supply chain digitization goals.

When it comes to delivering access to historic transportation logistics data captured in TMS so it can be melded with data from ERP systems, Yard Management Systems (YMS), Scheduling Tools, Freight Audit tech, Fleet Management Systems, Warehouse Management Systems (WMS), financial processing systems and other supply chain platforms, UltraShipTMS selected Snowflake as the preferred provider of data warehousing-as-a-service.  This prescient choice demonstrates UltraShipTMS development leaders’ foresight and confirms they have a finger firmly on the pulse of the industry.