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LoadFusion Optimizer
Private Fleet
Freight Payment/Audit  


Digitize Supply Chain Logistics with Powerful,
Logistics Software
UltraShipTMS is a cloud-based transportation logistics management software built specifically for enterprise-level shippers.

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Capabilities at a Glance
LoadFusion Optimizer
Utilize our optimizer module that provides a sandbox modeler and a drag-n-drop interface for easy freight and route optimization.
Advanced Scheduling
Automate scheduling of pickups, deliveries, and dock doors/bays – with visibility for all stakeholders and customers.
Implement UltraShipTMS CORE, then activate any of the core modules as needed to perfectly address your transportation logistics management needs.
Fleet Management
Manage a private and/or dedicated fleet across multiple locations with robust functionality.
Mobile Yard Manager
Utilize downstream reporting, asset control, communication, and accountability for the unique features of any yard/site.
Freight Audit & Payment
Exert exceptional control over financial processing and reporting with the ability to automate comparisons of freight invoices with rates calculated in your TMS.
Improve logistics visibility, supporting better analytics for a more strategic transportation planning capability.
Ensure efficient and cost-effective use of labor and equipment. Gain exception control over in – and outbound transportation.
Flexible, affordable software-as-a-service (cloud-based) architecture. Get results with minimal commitment of IT resources.
Easy to navigate and use. I have used many different systems in my career and this one just seems easier to navigate.
Ron Seifried
Senior Manager, Land O’Lakes, Inc.