Dev Ops Release Manager

Job Description The Dev Ops / Build Release Manager will be working closely with development, QA, implementation, and product teams to properly and efficiently deploy releases. The position performs a key role in the successful product delivery to customers. To succeed, candidates should have experience with various version control systems (svn, git, etc) and build tools (jenkins, ant, maven, etc). The goal is to automate deployment of code and general configuration management. Our company is seeking a full-time PHP Application Developer to join our team.

Skills Required

  • Three plus years of configuration management and engineering for large scale websites, ideally supporting an agile development process
  • Deep understanding of version control systems (svn, Git, etc.), including branching and merging strategies
  • Experience with software build tools (Maven) and continuous integration tools (Jenkins)
  • Experience with Linux environments and scripting languages (we tend to use bash but are open to any language)
  • Bachelor’s degree in business logistics, computer science, engineering, or a related discipline
  • Experience with SDLC process with a focus on building and deploying PHP applications
  • Understanding of B2B integration
  • Highly organized
  • Strong oral and written skills

Skills Preferred

  • Understand and practice the source code management methodology and verify software application and database version control.
  • Ensure that SCM policy and processes are followed through the software promotion, build, and deployment cycle.

Job Tasks

  • Prepare the build as needed (manually or automated) to support the SDLC process from initial development through customer rollout (Dev, QA, UAT, Production, and post-rollout issues)
  • Implement and support build automation processes that compile, package and deploy applications for DEV, QA, UAT and Production environments, including any post-rollout issues
  • Work directly with new development projects and teams to define and implement the software promotion, build and deployment process appropriate to the target runtime platform.
  • Administer, support, and maintain the source control system, performing routine maintenance and vendor upgrades as necessary.
  • Train and support software development teams in the use of software configuration management processes and tools
  • Support development, testing, implementation, and product teams, debugging processes and bug fixes as needed
  • Ability to provide after-hours support as needed for emergency or urgent situations
  • Provide miscellaneous support for the development, testing, implementation, and product teams, including performing testing and minor development tasks, preparing business and technical requirements and test cases, etc.

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