Freight Pay and Audit

UltraShipTMS delivers a freight payment and audit module, managing financial transactions related to transportation logistics via common carriers and private or dedicated fleets.

This highly configurable module sits atop the UltraShipTMS CORE for common carrier billing/invoicing including line haul, backhaul, OS&D, accessorial payments and all other associated payables.  It also tackles the more complicated settlement tasks associated with fleet financial management such as driver payroll including multiple driver profiles/pay rates and more.  Used in conjunction with the UltraFleet management module, the system can even log hours for payment via PeopleNet and other in-cab telematics.


Exert exceptional control over financial processing and reporting with the ability to automate comparisons of freight invoices with rates calculated in your TMS.  Set configurable tolerances and allowances and be alerted to discrepancies flagged for human attention.  Use the solution to detect duplicate invoices, unauthorized charges, rating errors and other commonly occurring mistakes.


The UltraShip Freight Payment and Audit solution enables customers to create authoritative databases of freight spend covering all modes of transport and across all their business units.  Get accurate views into data needed to calculate freight costs by accessorial, business unit, carrier, shipping site, customer, or any other relevant metric.