April 2018 Digest

Reefer leaving cold storage2018 Likely to Be Coldest Year on Record for Food Shippers

While the spring warmup seems to be “missing in action” for the Northeast US with April temps stuck 10-15 degrees below normal, you’d be right to assume we’re talking about the weather. However, what we’re actually referring to is the fact that cold-chain shippers in the food industry are facing market conditions that demand investment in more and better infrastructure to support cold chain shipping. Here’s why (and how TMS technology can help).

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Scheduling on tablet graphicNew Tech Bypasses FMCSA Regulations and Mitigates Capacity Challenges Too

You could grow a long beard waiting for the federal government to rectify the problems it’s causing for carriers and drivers. Instead, why not use innovative tech solutions to do an end run around the hassles caused by the ELD mandate and onerous Hours of Service regulations? Case in point: innovative new Advanced Scheduling technologies offered by supply chain management solution providers. How can these technologies neutralize the pain of these regulations? Here’s the story

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Gartner Magic Quadrant Logo VIDEO: UltraShip's Anthony Vitiello Talks Advanced Scheduling on Talking Logistics

Access to truckload capacity in today's tight market begins with delivering a better experience to the carriers you work with. This excerpt from a recent webcast with Adrian Gonzalez of Talking Logistics reveals how dramatically improved scheduling in TMS optimizes carriers' time and makes them more inclined to accept your tenders.

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Gas Pump Handle ImageUltraShipTMS Earns Spot on Inbound Logistics Top 100 Logistics IT Providers List

For the Ninth Consecutive Year, Leading Solution Provider Earns Spot on Inbound Logistics Magazine’s Annual Who’s Who of Top Supply Chain Management Software Companies

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  • Temp Controlled Shipment Tracking Infographic