August 2017 Digest

Lemon ScqueezeIt's Time to Squeeze the Efficiency from Logistics with TMS

The low-hanging fruit has all been harvested by shippers using TMS and other logistics IT solutions increase efficiency and save costs in transportation. Better visibility into rates, routes, equipment availability and such has helped those shippers using TMS to exert much greater control over spend. However, all leading indicators point toward a very tough environment ahead. So, how's a shipper supposed to overcome the structural obstacles to cost-effective, efficient transportation logistics beyond what he's already doing with his TMS?

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Humpty Dumpty Markets on "Humpty Dumpty" Watch - Is Your Transportation Plan Ready?

Bank of America Merrill Lynch strategists Michael Hartnett and Jared Woodward are sounding an alarm for US equities markets. They're saying the markets are girding for a fall, coining the amusing phrase, "Humpty Dumpty Watch" referring to the expectation among investors of an imminent "great fall" in the markets. In times of economic peril, it is exceptionally important for businesses to have a plan to adapt to swift and dramatic changes in supply and demand. Is your supply chain logistics program prepared for uncertainty and possible radical disruption?

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Cabbage TruckHow TMS Plays a Role in Marrying Sustainability with Food Safety

Concerns about food safety and, perhaps more critically, sustainable food production are behind the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) currently being implemented in the United States. As usual, we must look to technology which is crucial to helping solve this kind of complicated and complex challenge. How do supply chain technologies help achieve both safety and sustainability in our food supply?

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Great White SharkGUEST BLOG: What "Shark Week" Has in Common with Supply Chain Logistics

Guest Blogger, "Big Ed" Burns of Burns Logistics penned a fun post drawing the parallels between the complexities of monitoring the movements of mighty great whites and monitoring the movement of freight across supply chain networks. Both tasks require powerful technologies and a very careful, well-conceived strategy to be successful. A false step when trying to track a great white could cost you a limb, whereas poor visibility into freight movement and status will definitely cost shippers and arm and a leg. You're gonna need a bigger boat to carry away all this great insight!

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