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2016 Year in Review Issue - The Most Popular Content from 2016

Nine Headlines9 Headlines Striking Fear into Shippers Lacking a Strong TMS

These 9 headlines culled from Transport Topics over the first three weeks of 2016, coupled with the emerging economic slowdown should give pause to all shippers.

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Best Practices5 Best Practices for Transportation Managers Considering Logistics IT Solutions

191 qualified global logistics practitioners were surveyed in 2015 by American Shipper magazine for their seventh annual benchmark study of transportation management. Here is a distillation of the best practices for approaching transportation and logistics IT initiatives.

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Delivery Van with Propellors“Cloud-Enabled TMS” – Like Bolting Propellers to a Mail Truck

Many leading names in TMS software are still on-premise solutions that - having realized the fundamental shift in technology and customer preference - built web interfaces to skin their aging offerings. This is like putting propellers on a mail truck.

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Food Safety Modernization ActFSMA Rules Make 2016 ‘Year of the TMS’ for Food Shippers

2016 marked the point in time at which agricultural producers, food product manufacturers, restaurant chains and other large volume food shippers came to terms with the acute need for logistics IT solutions.

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Flexible SolutionsRetailers, Is Your TMS Flexible Enough to Optimize Holiday Replenishment?

Maintaining lean inventories is a priority for retailers this holiday season. In order to keep inventories slim while still avoiding gaps on Holiday Season shelves where the year's "hot items" once rested is a serious challenge. Is your TMS up to the task?

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puzzle pieces3 Transport Topics Headlines Validate the UltraShipTMS Approach

The team behind the UltraShipTMS platform was told to think about transportation logistics as an activity that affects stakeholders far beyond the confines of the transportation department. The resulting UltraShipTMS platform successfully realizes this directive and recent headlines from TransportTopics underscores why this vision was so prescient.

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Adapt checklistAmazon and Google Forcing Retailers to Adapt or Perish

Just as radio didn't kill print, TV didn't kill radio and the internet didn't kill TV, there will still be a market for traditional retailers. But only the ones prepared to compete on a new battlefield.

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Great All of China and TrumpA Great Wall and China – Trump Trade Plans Impact Food, Retail Shippers

Most independent trucking company owner/operators hope that the reviled ELD mandate will be the first government regulation Trump eliminates. How likely is this to happen?

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