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February 2015 newsletter
Recap of the latest thoughts, ideas and features.  

UPS Invests $300M in "Orion" Optimizer - SaaS Tools Far Less Costly
The Wall Street Journal reported recently on UP's project Orion, a ten year, $300 million technology build intended to optimize delivery routes for the tens of thousands of trucks the parcel giant has on roads across the globe daily.


Not All Clouds Have a Silver Lining - Why Cloud TMS Solutions Fail
Contrary to everything you've read in these pages in the past, cloud software is destined to fail your logistics and supply chain management initiatives; but not for the reasons you might think! So many of the critical success factors crucial to the realization of supply chain automation goals are either accomplished (or not) during implementation.


Listen: Ultra President Nicholas Carretta Appears on BlogTalkRadio
Truck drivers have been saying for years that, "We need more truck parking" but it seems that it took an article in the Wall Street Journal and a post here at the Supply Chain Collaborator to get the much needed attention of the general public.


5 Things YMS Can Tell You About Your Yard
There is a lot of valuable data within the confines of your freight yard, which can be captured and leveraged to improve supply chain logistics efficiency.


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