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February 2017

Big Fat F For TMS FailYour TMS Sucks! Here's Why and What You Can DO About it

We hate to be the harbinger of bad news but we're pretty sure your current TMS solution sucks and it is having negative ramifications for your entire organization. You're probably saying to yourself, "I don't feel like my TMS is horrible." The truth though, is that you may not think so kindly of your solution once you've compared it to better options. Here are some of the ways your TMS sucks and how engaging a better solution could improve your transportation logistics and boost your company's competitive advantage.

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Size MattersSize Matters When Choosing Cloud Supply Chain Management Solutions

I clicked the link to the story about the advantages of cloud supply chain management solutions written by the CEO of one of the largest providers in the industry. Then I waited, and waited for the story to load. After several minutes of trying to load it (even from several different links) I gave up, unable to wait any longer for the pearls of wisdom it may have contained. It struck me that I had just experienced the perfect metaphor for the experience of being a customer of the largest transportation management system providers today. Bigger is not always better when it comes to choosing a technology solution partner.

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Leaders vs. LaggardsCharacteristics of Supply Chain Leaders vs. Laggards

What are the specific characteristics propelling some shippers into industry leaders while others continue to lag? Hint: it involves finding logistics IT providers whose products and services are committed to driving value beyond the confines of their perceived roles.

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