February 2018 Digest - TMS Innovations Edition

Digitized Logistics Mgt imageAre You Up to Speed with Supply Chain Digitization?

"As with most complex business challenges, the ability to accommodate increasingly complicated supply chains is heavily dependent on technology. Yet, a surprising number of shippers are still performing their day-to-day functions without the assistance of any supply chain digitization software solution (or with antiquated processes). Time is running out to adopt the technology your organization will need to remain competitive. Industry experts agree, the technical divide will soon mean the difference between survival and demise. Here’s the evidence.

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FDA FSMA LogoThe Story of UltraShip’s Temperature Tracking Innovation and the FSMA

Here’s a look back at the FDA information they used to prepare a solution for food shippers to achieve rapid compliance with FSMA regulations. UltraShipTMS announced its first-in-the-market temperature tracking capability in TMS last week. UltraShipTMS development teams studied the FSMA guidelines well ahead of the scheduled roll out of the new law and spent 12 months working to deliver the industry’s first TMS-integrated temperature tracking capability.

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FourKites and UltraShipTMS LogosPRESS RELEASE: UltraShipTMS Announces Temperature Tracking in TMS via FourKites

Real-time Tracking of Temperature Levels for Reefer/Freezer Trailers is a Boon for Food Shippers Working to Comply with Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) Mandates
February 13, 2018 – Fair Lawn, NJ – Regarded as the premier transportation management system (TMS) solution provider by high volume food shipping organizations, UltraShipTMS once again reinforces its reputation as an innovator in the market. The latest development from UltraShipTMS focuses on enabling temperature controlled shipments to convey up-to-the-minute temperature readings to transportation managers. Temperature readings can be transmitted via UltraShip’s web portals, the UltraShipTMS Carrier Mobile App and also via integration with FourKites.

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nbound Logistics LogoLogistics Knowledge Base – How TMS Proves Time is Money for Shippers

Improving scheduling translates to time and money saved but it also drives greater competitive advantage in a market where trucking capacity is tight and shippers are competing to establish beneficial relationships with carriers. This Knowledgebase article in Inbound Logistics explains how advanced scheduling capabilities drive the utmost efficiency and savings via accurate, timely pick up and delivery. Ensure your suppliers, customers and carrier partners are all satisfied and protect your market share.

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  • Study - Planned vs Actual Reporting Enabled for BonTon Stores