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January 2015  

Use YMS to Combat Truck Parking Crisis
A new challenge faces truckers thanks to the new Hours of Service rules: access to safe, overnight parking. Follow past the jump for details on the new challenge and how YMS tools can alleviate the pain.
Bullish Trends for OTR Transportation in 2015
2015 is shaping up to be a great year for the transportation industry, and in particular, over the road trucking concerns. Rarely has this blogger seen more positive headlines. The following stories are gracing the pages of outlets like Transport Topics, Inbound Logistics, SupplyChainBrain and others.
The Logistics of Marijuana
Medical marijuana is already legal in 23 states and counting. Expect more states to succumb to the lure of tax revenues generated by the sale of marijuana. The resulting boom in pot growing and distribution will have definite ramifications for transportation companies. Here are three things logistics IT industry already does well; and which will be repurposed to accommodate the imminent flood of new, marijuana industry-driven shipping business.
CIO Mag: Use Real Cloud Apps, Not On-Premise Apps Masquerading as SaaS TMS
This week, CIO Magazine published an article titled, "Why cloud apps must differ from on-premise apps", which does an exceptional job of explaining why cloud-native, SaaS TMS solutions are superior to on-premise solutions that have been - as they so artfully put it - "forklifted up" to the cloud.
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