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January 2016 Newsletter

3 Strategies for Locking In Trucking Capacity9 Headlines Striking Fear into Shippers Lacking a Strong TMS

These 9 headlines culled from Transport Topics over the first three weeks of 2016, coupled with the emerging economic slowdown should give pause to all shippers. A trusted leading indicator and bellwether for the macro-economy, transportation presages the fates of the broader economy.

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5 Best Practices for Transportation Managers Considering Logistics IT SolutionsRetailers and Food Shippers Face Similar "Change or Die' Dynamic in Logistics

What is the commonality between retailers and food shippers when it comes to surviving the rapid evolution of the business environment wrought by the widespread adoption of new and emerging sales.

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8 Reasons Every Retail Shipper Needs a TMSFSMA Rules Make 2016 'Year of the TMS' for Food Shippers

2016 is shaping up to be the 'Year of the TMS' for food shippers - organizations involved in the production, processing, sales, delivery and purveying of food and beverages. 2016 will mark the point in time at which agricultural producers.

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