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January 2017

The Upper HandInnovative Strategies for Shippers Seeking the Upper Hand

So the champagne corks have all popped, the confetti's swept up and the euphoria of the New Year festivities is behind us. Standing, squinting in the cold, stark daylight with a fresh year stretching out before us, we ask ourselves as transportation industry professionals, "How can our TMS solutions deliver benefits beyond simply managing transportation, unlocking value in other areas of the organization that translate into a strong and lasting advantage over competitors?" Here are a pair of strategies savvy transportation pros with the right technology use to drive advantage for their companies beyond generally accepted norms of TMS.

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Food Shippers Day of ReckoningTMS Minimizes Food Shippers' Day of Reckoning with FSMA

The deadline looms for food shippers. April 6th is the day the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) goes into full effect and food shippers everywhere are working to ensure compliance. Regardless of how much (or how little) they may have prepared, one thing is certain: TMS solutions are playing a central role in ensuring food shippers are ready to meet (and even exceed) the requirements of the new law. Here’s how!

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We All Want TMS PleaseSupply Chain Survey Underscores the Benefit of TMS Solutions

Are businesses predicting an increase or decrease in shipments in 2017? What services did shippers used in 2016 compared to 2015? Were there issues with capacity, and did they lead to more delays in 2016? What were the top transportation challenges of 2016? How do shippers expect the new White House administration to impact international supply chains in 2017? These probing questions and more were part of the North American Supply Chain Survey to which more than 2,200 shippers responded. Read more to get insight into what shippers expect to experience in 2017 and how shippers can prepare to respond.

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