January 2018 Digest

Reefer temp tracking in TMSTop 3 Reasons Food Shippers Need Trailer Temperature Tracking in TMS

"There is only one enterprise-level transportation management system (TMS) platform that offers trailer temperature tracking in real time. We'll let you guess who it is! More importantly, we're going to share three reasons why food shippers and other organizations with perishable or temperature-sensitive products should be clamoring for this innovative functionality (if they haven't already been wishing this feature was available to them).

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New ButtonSix Features in TMS Designed to Mitigate the Capacity Crunch

Gonna keep it brief. Shippers' transportation departments are scrambling to find capacity as the ELD mandate and other economic forces place constraints on capacity at levels the industry has rarely witnessed. So we know time is of the essence. Here are SIX ways a good TMS solution helps shippers mitigate a capacity crunch.

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It's a Trap!No Such Thing as Pre-Onboarded Carriers from TMS Providers

Take it from a marketing guy. Performing cost benefit analysis to decide which TMS solution to implement? Understand this! There is NO SUCH THING AS PRE-ONBOARDED CARRIERS! It's a head fake. A brilliant piece of marketing designed to entice. Here's the straight dope on pre-onboarded carriers and why cost-conscious shippers should run the other way when they are met with this spurious claim from a prospective TMS solution provider.

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Modern Materials Handling LogoUltraShipTMS included in Modern Materials Handling Magazine Article

Implementation Manager and all around transportation logistics subject matter expert, Rich Chrzanowski is quoted in this interesting article on YMS systems and associated technologies in this month's issue of Modern Materials Handling magazine.

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  • Study - Planned vs Actual Reporting Enabled for BonTon Stores