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July 2015 Newsletter

Three Reasons Food Shippers NEED to Automate Transportation ProcessesThree Reasons Food Shippers NEED to Automate Transportation Processes Now

Plenty of food shippers already have some form of solution in place to automate their transportation planning and management processes. Whether they use a solution provided by a logistics IT provider, a basic tool provided by their 3PL or a homegrown system, it’s clear that manual processes are no longer up to the increasingly complicated task.

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Well Prepared Retailers Seize Opportunity for AdvantageWell Prepared Retailers Seize Opportunity for Advantage during Port Closures

Benjamin Disraeli said, “The secret of success in life is for a man to be ready for his opportunity when it comes.” There are some retailers – whose industry is characterized by high volume imports from China and elsewhere – who can vouch for the verity of this statement. They’d be the ones who were able to flex their supply chain and logistics plans to overcome some very challenging obstacles in the last 12 months.

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Two Bullish Trends for Private Fleet OperatorsTwo Bullish Trends for Private Fleet Operators

Savvy shippers have been taking the long view in their efforts to overcome what promises to be an ongoing capacity crisis, by investing in private fleet resources. Yes, it is a front-loaded capital expense to purchase equipment and add costs associated with driver training, retention and compensation.

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Best Interface Design Award for UltraShipTMSElasticity in Transportation Planning Key for Retailers

An article in this week’s Transport Topics detailed the operational challenges facing intermodal shippers in the face of growing economic activity. The double whammy of increasing freight volume and an ongoing, acute driver shortage has driven a boom in the utilization of intermodal truck to train shipping.

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