July 2017 Digest

Empty RoadHow TMS Helps Shippers Avoid the Looming Capacity Nightmare of 2017

There’s a storm brewing on the horizon for shippers and it may arrive at the worst possible time – during the fourth quarter holiday season. Besides the typical scarcity of available trucks during this peak season, the war between Walmart and Amazon promises to siphon off a big chunk of capacity as Walmart threatens to drop any carriers/truckers that haul for Amazon. Add to this, the December 18, ELD mandate start date, which is expected to force a significant number of driver/operators to retire and further inflame capacity challenges. What can shippers do to avoid catastrophe in December?

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Beyond KPIs Logistics Analytics – Beyond KPIs on Tender Acceptance and Carrier Performance

Talk to a transportation manager about data analytics and they might tell you they’re already harnessing data collected by their TMS and other logistics IT tools to measure key performance indicators such as tender acceptance by lane, carrier check call compliance and other commonly examined metrics. But how many are actually using Big Data analytics in ways that drive efficiency savings beyond those controlled by transportation into areas like sales and finance? Yet, the benefits of thinking more broadly are sizeable and the Big Data technology exists to capture the data and perform the analyses. How can shippers make better use of Big Data and to what end?

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Spot Market GraphicTMS Reporting and Rate Benchmarking Avoid Spot Market at Two-Year Highs

The DAT network of load boards released information this week revealing that spot rates for van, flatbed and refer trucks continues to sit at a two-year high. With the potential for additional capacity constraints driven by the exit of smaller carriers ahead of the ELD mandate (and other factors), it seems worthwhile to examine what shippers can do to help minimize the bottom line pain associated with moving freight via the spot market. Here’s what experts recommend.

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