June 2017 Digest

SpyglassLike Amazon, Your Success Depends on Logistics IT

As two of the world’s largest retailers, Amazon and Walmart wage a battle royale for supremacy, the role of logistics IT and supply chain automation technology comes into stark relief. What lesson can shippers in all industries – not just retail – take from the recent acquisition of Whole Foods by Amazon?

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Auditing and ReportingStopping Shipping Shenanigans – The Value of Good Reporting in Your TMS

How well does your TMS drive process improvement and efficiency in transportation logistics? Any decent TMS solution helps shippers standardize workflows and automate things like rating, routing, tendering and carrier management functions. Yet, to really juice savings and efficiency using a TMS, a shipper has to be able to view and analyze the data a TMS collects.

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Visibility MattersVisibility Matters to Supply Chain Management Improvement

Where is my freight? It is an enduring question. For manufacturers wanting to avoid idle production lines, up-to-the-minute visibility into inbound logistics is crucial. For retailers, up-to-the-minute visibility into inbound logistics makes the difference between quick fulfillment/replenishment (for happy customers) and loss of sales to hungry competitors. In fact, there aren’t many shippers that don’t benefit from increased levels of visibility into their freight movements – inbound and outbound. Is your transportation program focused enough on visibility?

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