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March 2017

Ben Franklin Sez4 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Use TMS from a 3PL

In business there are trade-offs to be made at every juncture. Some are worthy, others not so much. Shippers opting to use a third party logistics (3PL) provider’s TMS solution as opposed to implementing and managing TMS internally the almost always lose more than they gain. While it may seem easier on the surface to outsource TMS to a 3PL, here are some hard truths about what a shipper stands to lose.

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PropheciesPublished Predictions Parallel Our Own Prophecies

The president of a well-known eponymous logistics software provider published an interesting opinion piece in Transport Topics this week called, “Eight Predictions for Our Industry”. In his salient piece, he laid out what we consider to be some very pertinent scenarios for which companies like his and ours must be well prepared. With a hat tip to Mr. McLeod, we offer our riffing on what he’s predicted and how having a best-of-breed TMS solution will be critical to addressing these likely occurrences.

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ShakespeareIs it “Accessorial” or “Assessorial”?

Like William Shakespeare wrote, “a rose by any other name would smell as sweet”. In the field of transportation logistics, we encounter a similar linguistic dilemma. Is it an “accessorial charge” or an “assessorial charge”? Whether written in transportation industry magazines and journals, or spoken aloud by transportation and logistics professionals and analysts, both spellings and pronunciations are commonly encountered. So, which is correct?

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