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May 2016 Newsletter

Retailers Fortune Cookie ImageLogistics IT Technology (TMS and Optimizers) is the Key to Retail "Fortunes"

A Chinese proverb recently observed in a fortune cookie states, "May you live in interesting times". Today's retailers should consider themselves lucky then, because their industry is experiencing some very interesting times. Driving unpredictability are technologies both causing retailers' challenges (like online sales portals) and solving them (like TMS, YMS and other logistics IT). Those that can remain calm and centered as a Buddhist monk can harness the tech forces roiling the waters of the industry. Here are some "interesting" new data points that illustrate how and why technology is crucial to retail fortunes.

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Cloud Enabled TMS is like Bolting Propellors to a Mail Truck“Cloud-Enabled TMS” – Like Bolting Propellers to a Mail Truck

The world is anticipating a revolution in the shopping/consumer experience as the technology seems nearly ready for widespread drone delivery of online purchases. Oddly, none of the traditional parcel delivery companies are rushing to bolt propellers and wings to their panel vans. There simply isn’t much demand for three ton, flying mail trucks. Similarly, when it comes to TMS solutions, there are still many organizations (either willingly or unwittingly) comfortable with an equally absurd proposition: implementing cloud-enabled TMS solutions (old school on-premise applications skinned with a web-enabling interface) instead of cloud-native ones. Why?

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3 Trends Facing Retailers Image3 Trends Underscore Food Shippers’ Need for Supply Chain Management Software

Food shippers have grown increasingly reliant on supply chain logistics IT solutions over the last decade and for a number of reasons. The number of food producers adopting software solutions like TMS, YMS, WMS, optimizers and others – from agricultural concerns to processors to retailers – continues to grow. Yet, there are still many food shipping organizations that are using old-school, spreadsheet and email based processes to manage logistics. These lagging players probably already feel the pain of competing against organizations leveraging the benefits of cloud computing power. Here are three current trends that will likely push remaining hold outs toward today’s technology-driven supply chain logistics planning and management.

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