May 2017 Digest

Tug O War4 Ways to Overcome IT Objections During TMS Selection

Your company is choosing a new operating system to license and implement across the entire enterprise network. The CTO favors a commercial grade Microsoft operating system, but your Chief Supply Chain Officer thinks an open-source OS is a better choice. Odds are, your CEO would NEVER give final decision authority on this initiative to the CSCO. So, why do companies so often force Transportation to defer to IT when selecting supply chain logistics management software? Here are some facts transportation logistics leaders can use to build an iron-clad business case for engaging the best logistics IT solution and to overcome the obstacles typically thrown up by territorial IT leadership.

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Exception MgtCan Exception Management Be Automated? (Video)

For a high volume shipper, each month there are thousands of freight invoices to process. Yet, even shippers with a TMS and freight payment automation solution often find themselves having to manually intervene in an outsized portion of these “automated” invoices. What gives? Isn't the point of the TMS and freight pay software to cut down on manual processing?

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SignWith New Fuel Tax Looming, Here's a Way Logistics Directors can 'C' their 'A'

The Wall Street Journal reports on the swelling support among lawmakers for increases in gas taxes to help offset the mounting costs of the nation's crumbling transportation infrastructure. If I were a Logistics Director at a company engaged in high volume shipping, I'd be concerned that the resulting rise in transportation costs will be blamed on me and the transportation department. Yet, it doesn't have to be. Here's the latest on the fuel tax debate and what savvy logistics directors are doing by way of CYA (cover your a**).

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