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November 2015 Newsletter

The Case for Tracking Fuel Separately in Your TMSThe Case for Tracking Fuel Separately in Your TMS

An article by similar name was published this week in Logistics Management magazine by the inimitable Bridget McCrea who is a leading voice in the media serving the logistics industry. We highly recommend you visit the article on the LM website, but for our busy readers, here’s a synopsis of the 8 reasons every retail shipper needs a TMS.

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What Makes a Superior TMS Solution Product Demo?For Food Shippers, Variety is the 'Secret Ingredient' in TMS

Variety is said to be the 'spice of life', and as any chef or grocer will tell you, access to quality ingredients of every imaginable variety helps drive business volume. Food shippers understand this dynamic and spend considerable time and money on developing strategies to source, process and deliver quality ingredients in the most cost effective, quality-focused way possible.

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4 Indicators Suggesting Now’s the Time to Upgrade Your Logistics ITFree Donuts or Freight Cost Savings?

November 5 was one of several annually-observed “Free Donut Days”. Did you get your free beignet, cruller or zeppole? Everyone likes free stuff; especially freight carriers who haul for organizations without TMS and the rules-based tendering such software delivers. Here’s a donut-themed tale underscoring one of the many risks a shipper faces if they resist using a TMS for better visibility and cost control over transportation spend.

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