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November 2016 Issue

Trump and Great Wall of ChinaA Great Wall and China – Trump Trade Plans Impact Food, Retail Shippers

Wherever you stand on the results of the recent Presidential election, one thing is absolutely clear – there are likely to be many changes holding great potential to affect your transportation management strategies in unpredictable ways. Are you confident your current program's processes and practices are flexible and dynamic enough to handle whatever may come? Here are a few likely scenarios that should give you pause to consider the overall state of your existing logistics practices.

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Secret FREE Trick to Improve Carrier AcceptanceThe Secret, FREE Trick to Improve Carrier Tender Acceptance on ANY TMS!

You've implemented a TMS to (among other reasons) automate the tendering process. If you're like many shippers, you've set up a low-cost automatic tendering sequence in each lane. The cascading automation of the low-cost tendering process is explicitly designed to get your loads accepted, in the timeliest manner and by the lowest cost carrier available. So it is beyond frustrating when, in spite of all your efforts to implement tendering automation tools in your TMS, low carrier acceptance levels eat deeply into your lead times and expose your freight to higher cost carriers. Or even subject you to the premium rates of the spot market. Want to know a secret trick for improving carrier tender acceptance using any TMS?

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logistics collageCritical Role of Cloud-Based TMS in Technological Convergence

Q: What the heck is an API (application program interface) and why should a transportation manager give a rat's backside about this techie term? A: The API is the key to connecting the universe of tech apps, solutions and programs essential to the twenty-first century, cloud-based supply chain. While it may seem like the changes are coming too quickly to handle, there are providers out there ready to help shippers manage the convergence of these technologies so that logistics users can be logistics experts without having to also be tech experts. Here's the story.

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