November 2017 Digest

Hourglass and CalendarArriving Just in Time – Advanced Transportation Logistics Scheduling

"Spot Market Freight Indices Continue Surge to Three-Year Highs". "Truckload Carriers Pitch Rate Hikes Driven by ELDs, Driver Pay, Hot Market". "The Value in Orchestrating a Scheduled Transportation Plan". These three headlines from Transport Topics and Food Shippers of America magazine tell the story of one of the most important challenges facing shippers in North America leading into 2018. Here's the story and the solution to the mounting challenge.

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3D Printed ItemsTop Threats to Supply Chain Status Quo

There are many potential disruptors to the supply chain status quo, from climate/weather to economic forces and everything else in between. However, more than these temporary, cyclical influences, there are fundamental forces at work that threaten to not just disrupt, but rather to fully transform the face of supply chain management and, more specifically, the logistics portion of the chain. Here is a digest of some of the most recent examples of these looming trends from some of the most respected media outlets.

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Giant Turkey on SemirReasons For Logistics Pros to Be Thankful this Season

As the nation turns its attention to reasons for gratitude this Thanksgiving season, we here at UltraShipTMS, the Supply Chain Collaborator blog and the logistics industry in general have more than the usual reasons to be thankful. Even in the leaner years, we as Americans always have plenty of abundance to reflect upon. But this year in particular, we are blessed with a bounty worthy of a hale and hearty Thanksgiving celebration. Here are some of the positive indicators supporting our exuberance during Thanksgiving 2017.

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