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October 2016

Crystal Ball imageConflicting Indicators Underscore the Need for Strong Logistics IT Solutions

Sometimes the signals issued by the economy are completely contrary, making planning for the next quarter a dicey proposition. The US economy is currently experiencing one such period. There is strong evidence in support of growth and equally persuasive evidence indicating weakness. Where do things really stand? How should American businesses proceed given the confusing messages? What can organizations do to mitigate the effects of these periods of uncertainty?

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Cheeseburger in a Chinese Takeout ContainerSaaS TMS from an Electronics Manufacturer?

Would you order a cheeseburger at your local Chinese restaurant? Probably not. The Wall Street Journal reports electronics makers like Jabil Circuit Inc., a key supplier of components to Apple, and Flextronics International are among a recent spate of electronics manufacturers entering the supply chain software business. There are enough critical considerations to weigh when choosing between providers with a historical background in supply chain automation. Why would anyone further complicate things by buying logistics software from a provider with roots so far removed from supply chain logistics?

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Millennial Embracing the CloudShippers Should Follow Millennials and Embrace Cloud TMS

Millennial workers are simultaneously praised and criticized for their mindset when it comes to participating in the modern workforce. To a very large extent, the effects of emerging technology on the workplace and how it influences the nature of how work is performed are at the root of this praise and criticism. Smart supply chain management organizations are embracing both the new technologies and the millennial workforce's perspective, leveraging cloud TMS and other cloud solutions to maintain competitive advantage. Let's explore how and why.

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