October 2017 Digest

Laptop Cave PaintingShippers Dissatisfied with 3PLs’ Dinosaur Technologies

The third party logistics (3PL) model, while critical to smaller, low-volume shippers, has never been the best option for organizations shipping moderate-to-high volumes of freight. Purveyors of logistics IT solutions have been warning of the shortcomings of 3PL tech for years. Only recently has there been unbiased, independent research to substantiate these claims. The output of recent research confirms the rudimentary logistics IT solutions offered by 3PLs leaves many gaps and much to be desired.

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Disappointed People 7 Ways a Leading TMS Solution Fails to Deliver (Can You Guess Who It Is?)

Highly sensitive competitive intelligence gathered by the business development department at UltraShipTMS is being shared in this post. We’re gentlemen and ladies, so don’t expect us to name names. But, if you’ve used this supposedly industry-leading TMS solution, we think you’ll know right away who we’re talking about when you read these side-by-side comparisons illustrating how this “market leader” fails in eight key TMS functions whereas UltraShipTMS excels.

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Woman TruckerWomanpower: the Solution to the Manpower/Capacity Shortage

Back in July, the Collaborator blog rang the alarm on the Looming Capacity Nightmare of 2017. Citing the Walmart/Amazon feud, the ELD mandate and the aging driver pool, the piece was followed up by more evidence in a post reporting on spiking spot market rates. Since July, the aftermath of three horrendous hurricanes have further taxed capacity and Transport Topics reports truck tonnage jumped 8% in August while driver turnover soars due to a dearth of manpower. With all signs pointing to serious pain among transportation operations due to lack of manpower in drivers’ seats, we’re suggesting the solution will come from the introduction of womanpower to the equation.

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