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September 2015 Newsletter

Three Reasons Food Shippers NEED to Automate Transportation ProcessesIf Yogi Berra Were a Logistics & Supply Chain Manager

UltraShipTMS (and many of its employees) is native to the New York metro area. We all grew up with Yankees baseball among the constants of life in this part of the world. That is why it was with great sadness that we marked the passing of Yogi Berra, who, like the Yankees and like UltraShipTMS, grew to be more than just a player, a ball club or a TMS provider.

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Well Prepared Retailers Seize Opportunity for AdvantageBig Data? You Can't Even Manage Small Data!

Transport Topics reports cutting edge shippers are mining information about freight delivery and conditions to improve timeliness and quality of their service. Fleet operators are mining equipment maintenance data to detect trends; some even mine data from social media.

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Two Bullish Trends for Private Fleet OperatorsWhat is Omni-Channel Retailing and What Does it Mean for Logistics?

Omni-channel retail selling does not involve the same list of considerations as omni-channel fulfillment for logistics planning, but it does correlate. Whenever a truly disruptive business development impacts an entire industry, it is almost certain that there will be ramifications for other industries.

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Best Interface Design Award for UltraShipTMSMulti-Million Dollar TMS Lawsuit - Lessons Learned

Transportation industry watchers are witnessing a clash of titans as a leading OTR carrier sues a leading provider of transportation management solutions (TMS), claiming that after years of a lengthy and complicated implementation, the logistics IT solution proved to be "virtually useless".

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