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September 2016

Flexible computer keyboardRetailers, Is Your TMS Flexible Enough to Optimize Holiday Replenishment?

Maintaining lean inventories is a priority for retailers this holiday season. In order to keep inventories slim while still avoiding gaps on Holiday Season shelves where the year's "hot items" once rested is a serious challenge. Is your TMS up to the task?

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Puzzle Pieces3 Transport Topics Headlines Validate the UltraShipTMS Approach

When UltraShipTMS set out to develop a solution for logistics IT in 2001, leadership imbued its directives to the talented developers, coders and transportation logistics professionals with a specific philosophy. Simply put, the team behind the UltraShipTMS platform was told to think about transportation logistics as an activity that affects stakeholders far beyond the confines of the transportation department. The resulting UltraShipTMS platform successfully realizes this directive and recent headlines from TransportTopics underscores why this vision was so prescient. Why?

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Evolution of Logistics TechFrom the Payphone to MacroPoint – A Logistics Technology Retrospective

Consider how far logistics tech has progressed between the use of roadside payphones for check calls and today’s cell-based track-n-trace solutions like MacroPoint and others. While truck, train, jet plane, and container ship technology has reached stasis in terms of efficiency improvements, the technology used to improve the operational efficiency of moving freight via these modes continues to accelerate.

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