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January 2015 2014 Year in Review

3 Reasons Why a Harsh Winter Won't Impact Shipping Capacity Like Last Year
If you put stock in such things, the Farmer's Almanac predicts this coming winter will be as bad as or worse than last year's. Everyone in the transportation industry remembers how bad things got last winter as storm after giant storm bore down on the East coast sending snow as far south as Louisiana.
The Google TMS?
Is Google TMS a serious potentiality? This we know: Google is a company on the move, making inroads into businesses far outside Internet search, and they're well equipped to succeed. The most recent example comes in the form of Google's attempt to assimilate another internet goliath - Amazon.
The 'Why' of YMS - Yard Management Systems
Leading supply chain analysts and industry watchers agree the need for integrated Yard Management Systems (YMS) software has become acute. Forward-looking TMS solution providers are answering the call, building newly developed YMS applications into their native TMS platforms as a best practice. Early-adopting shippers are reporting promising results from their YMS implementations.
TMS Software Transforms Transportation Managers into Superheroes
For transportation practitioners who worry that advancements in TMS software will ultimately render their jobs obsolete, we offer the following bit of reassurance that this is simply not the case.
5 Reasons Why Food Shippers are Eating Up TMS Solutions
TMS is becoming indispensable. Here are five reasons why TMS for transportation automation and optimization is a must-have for food shippers.
5 Reasons Companies are Updating Legacy TMS Software
Guest Blogger, Michael Sadowski writes:
Adrian Gonzalez of Talking Logistics recently asked the question: Why are companies replacing their legacy TMS? We've definitely seen increasing momentum in the SaaS TMS market in the past few months, with shippers who have legacy TMS systems in place actively working to replace these systems with SaaS solutions.

Michael Sadowski Joins Burgeoning UltraShipTMS as CTO
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