New Release Report – Version 5.18

Announcing UltraShipTMS Version 5.18 – Focusing on Exceptional Usability and Accelerated User Adoption

The “New Release Report” details the latest updates and enhancements to features and functionality within the UltraShipTMS platform. Version 5.18 is characterized by significant innovations and improvements to the User Interface as well as other iterative advances to existing product design and features.

New Features/Enhancements by Module

Freight Audit and Payment Module

Auto Pay Functionality
Auto pay capability is now configurable based on individual carriers’ profiles. This functionality is based on four methods required:

  • Basic Payment
  • Freight Pay with Match Pay
  • Freight Pay Manual Approval (invoices)
  • Push Pay

Load Fusion Optimizer Module

Change Audit Trail
Additional fields added to the Profile Manager providing TMS users with recorded insights into all changes that have taken place within the page.  This ensures accountability for all modifications enacted by permissioned users and makes it easier to identify changes that did or did not achieve the intended goal/purpose


Shipment Details Page

Shipment Map View

A new “Shipment Map View” pane on the “Shipment Timeline” graphically conveys the origin, destination, route, and stop-level arrival and departure of the shipment for instant and intuitive understanding of where freight is in transit. 

Enhanced functionalities have been added to allow permissioned TMS users to add or edit a rate directly from the “Tender List” page.

“Report Issue” or “Request Enhancement” buttons have been added to the footer of every page to ensure higher levels of responsiveness when issues arise or ideas for improvement are offered by end users. By clicking on either of the buttons, a user’s default email will launch with pre-populated addressee.

Shipment Information Action Prompts/Warnings

A colored warning band now displays at the top of the shipment page to alert/remind users of incomplete or missing actions that have not been met (i.e. missing information in required fields).  This feature helps increase user compliance with business rules and improves overall engagement with the system. It is also useful during training and onboarding. 

Multi-Currency for Global Transportation Management

Global Currencies
Users can now add or edit multiple currencies to a country and set default currencies for any location.

User Interface Improvements/Browse/Search Menu

Order by Location
Upgrades to the “Order by Location” page deliver improved usability and increased visibility when searching and/or browsing orders. The new user interface provides a “Heading View” to more efficiently navigate sub-menus and allows users to apply changes as needed.

Date Range Picker
Updated functionality makes it even more efficient and easy to select dates and ranges.  Also, a new time entry field is included now for better visualization.

Location Management
Geocoding now occurs automatically whenever a TMS user uploads any new location file(s), regardless of the method being used (manual entry, upload file).

Manage Location
A graphical “map view” of Address, City, and State is now provided to pinpoint locations based on the Latitude and Longitude fields.

Rate Management
Existing rate functionality has been extended for weight breaks to account for mileage, pallet count, cube, and, total and maximum linear.

Enhancement of the freight class range to display minimum and maximum rates as well as FAK rates for greater control of LTL ratings.

Add Orders to shipments
Usability enhancements simplify the steps required to add orders to existing shipments.

Column enhancements have been designed in the “Spot Quoting Participation” page to summarize the view of the data. Columns added are:

  • Initial bid
  • Revision
  • Revoke
  • Total Action and
  • Unique Trips

Advanced Scheduling

New Settings and Columns
New system settings have been added to calculate “on-time vs. late”, “measured arrival times” and “ETA calculations”

Miles and Transit Time columns have been added to the “Appointment Scheduling” section to improve visibility for schedule planning.


Other Enhancements and Upgrades

Feedback Functionality
For continuous improvement and to respect the voice of the customer a “Star Rating” system is included on the sidebar.  Upon first login, users are prompted to provide feedback by assigning a 1 to 5 star rating that reflects their satisfaction with the product. A feedback email is then generated and sent to the appropriate system email address.

Freight Quote Tool
Updated Freight Quote Tool now displays the freight quote mode threshold.

Document Management (Integration)
With document management software, Microdea, new integration allows TMS users to view and manipulate documents received and stored by Synergize via a hyperlink in TMS.

Information Icons
Puts underlying information at user fingertips with new and enhanced information icons displaying pertinent information when hovered over with the cursor.  This eliminates extra clicks to access shipment, order and other types of details

Navigation Improvements
An improved view of the Browse, Search and Menu has been updated to align with contemporary usability best practices making navigation through pages smoother, more efficient and timely.

Spot Bidding
Overflow Bid functionality was redesigned to allow carriers to place a spot bid on a load. Additional functionality has been added to the “Accept Bid” section to retrieve benchmark rates.

The Accept Bid will now reflect:

  •  Number of carrier offers 
  • Number of submitted bids
  • Total bids
  • Rate change

Systems Administration
TMS login and password recovery is a new enhancement to increase security and convenience for the log in and password process. Best practices for system login security enhance the overall strength of system security.

Aliasing provided to permissioned TMS users in supervisory or managerial roles so they can access the system view of another subordinate user and more easily/quickly diagnose the causes of any business issues that arise.