UltraShipTMS offers reporting and analytics tools to help transportation planners and managers make better strategic decisions.

Dashboards & Reporting
Standard reporting features deliver customizable dashboards including KPI scorecards, carrier performance scorecards and other performance metrics. The UltraShipTMS e-dash includes sections for spot quote activity, EDI compliance, check call compliance and timeliness, on time delivery performance, driver performance, tender acceptance and more.

Reports can be run by carrier, geography, business unit, origin, destination, pool point, or any other required criteria. Example reports include:

  • Freight Cost by SKU
  • On-Time Delivery Performance
  • Tender Acceptance by Lane
  • Customer vs. Transfer Freight Cost
  • Freight Cost vs. Budgeted Cost by Lane
  • Carrier Performance Scorecard
  • Shipment Payload Optimization/Light Payload
  • Spot Quote Reporting

Drill Down
Users have the ability to drill down to the item SKU level as well as analyze key customers, facilities or lanes.

Schedule, Email & Export
Sharing can be automated to deliver specifically selected information via email on any schedule required by the customer.

Advanced Data Analytics Service Available

Engage UltraShipTMS for deep dive business intelligence consultation and customized BI programs to unlock unsurpassed supply chain logistics efficiencies.

Stop Allocations Analysis
Line Haul Savings Analysis
Utilization Analysis

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