An efficient, affordable cloud-based supply chain management software solution for transportation logistics management and supply chain optimization.

Inbound or Outbound across all modes, the CORE module automates rating, routing, tendering, carrier management, OS&D, Scheduling, alerts & notifications, EDI, wireless and telematics communications and more.  Included are online portals for all transportation stakeholders including carriers, vendors, customers and sales users.  Add additional modules to manage freight payment and audit, private/dedicated fleet management, rate/route optimization, yard management and more!

The benefits of the UltraShipTMS product suite include:

  • Dramatically improved logistics visibility supporting better analytics
  • More strategic transportation planning capability
  • Highly efficient and cost-effective use of labor and equipment
  • Exceptional control over in- and out-bound transportation
  • Flexible, affordable software-as-a-service (cloud-based) architecture
  • Results with minimal commitment of IT resources
  • All of these benefits translate into significant cost savings to you