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UltraShipTMS™ delivers industry leading solutions for supply chain management. Offering transportation management software since 2001, Ultra delivers SaaS-based TMS solutions to Fortune 1000 clients representing a wide variety of industries.  With a suite of software to accommodate inbound logistics, private/dedicated fleet management, outbound logistics, transportation optimization and transportation network design, UltraShipTMS succeeds at capturing significant costs and driving remarkable efficiencies across the supply chain.  Learn more about the most flexible and actively supported TMS software solution on the market.

UltraShipTMS users enjoy:See_How_Quickly_Box2

  • Ultra Network Visibility
  • Ultra Configurable Tools
  • Ultra Intelligent Analytics
  • Ultra Affordable Subscription Cost
  • Ultra Easy Implementation
  • Ultra High-Touch Lifetime Support

Read the accolades UltraShipTMS elicits from system users, clients, carriers, media and industry groups:
  • "UltraShipTMS is one of my favorite routing tools. It’s user friendly, very quick and simple to use. I can’t think of anything that would make it better!"

    Donna Charity, Logistics Coordinator

  • “Overall I have been very pleased with the Ultra Ship TMS product and experience as we have rolled the system out over the last year. The product is top quality and has allowed us to greatly increase dispatcher utilization.”

    Larry Ogg, Transportation Services Manager, Perdue Farms, Inc.

  • “I think you have a great system!”

    Jo Parker, Big G Express

  • "So many other systems make it so difficult to follow and navigate, it becomes frustrating and very time consuming. You end up spending more time searching for links then you actually do responding to the load. One great thing about your TMS: the time it takes to accept/reject, update loads is remarkable."

    Doug Perrine, Gully/ICX Transportation

  • "Overall I am very satisfied with the user-friendly website. Everything is very easy to understand, navigate, and process! UltraShipTMS is one of the better sites I visit to take care of load tenders, updates, etc."

    Doug Perrine, Gully/ICX Transportation

  • “The Rating System is phenomenal; I used to have to enter all the rates in our old system with destination area codes. Without any doubt UltraShipTMS has saved me from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.”

    David Stone, Midshift Supervisor, Perdue

  • "Your system is fantastic and user friendly. It is a system I wish more people used."

    Luke Staub, Shipping Group Leader, Strine Printing

  • “UltraShipTMS is an intuitive product that is very easy to train; we can literally have folks operating effectively in the system after a few hours of training.”

    Larry Ogg, Transportation Services Manager, Perdue Farms, Inc.

  • “The Ultra technical support team has been excellent to work with and resolves any issues quickly, with minimal disruption. They’re always upbeat and positive with a solution-based outlook. UltraShipTMS surpasses expectations in this area and I would recommend them to others.”

    Larry Ogg, Transportation Services Manager, Perdue Farms, Inc.

  • “Very positive experience. Very proactive and responsive team!”

    Minetou Sy, Clariant Corporation

  • “I have noticed that the UltraShipTMS web portal is very user friendly. I have been able to find info and navigate through it easily.”

    Hannah Allego, Market Manager, Knight Transportation

  • “UltraShipTMS works great! I haven’t found any issues with the system yet. I have always been able to access information when I’ve needed to! ALL AROUND GREAT SYSTEM!!!”

    Jessica Vorreyer, Inventory/Receiving Co-ordinator, Lineage Logistics

  • “The system seems very user friendly. I can’t think of anything I would suggest changing.”

    Dawn Jones, Cowan Systems

  • “UltraShipTMS is very helpful. Thanks for your help in making my job easier!”

    Robin Pharis, Team Lead, 2nd Shift Shipping

  • “UltraShipTMS is very helpful and I love it because I can look up my loads and it tells me everything I need to know. It is a great system – keep up the great job you’re all doing for us.”

    Melissa Locklear, Perdue Farms, Inc.